Any Writing Partners for the MIXED COMMUNICATIONS Contest?

I’ve never written ANY stories for Episode’s story contests. Crazy right? Will I decided this year that I’d give it a try and step out of my comfort zone. So is there anyone who wants to be my partner in writing a story for the Mixed Communications contest? I only need two partners :slight_smile: I would prefer that you be an experienced Episode writer because I am experienced. I’ve been writing Episode stories since December 2015 so I know how to write on the portal. If you’re an experienced author, please comment down below.

Thank you in advance!

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that is a bit late to think of this. last chance to published for that contest is the 28 . in four days.


Oh wow. I literally had no idea :frowning: Maybe I have to wait till another contest. @Jeremy could you please close this thread?


which will be coming out next month. :+1:t3:

I better get my backgrounds and overlays ready to be approved other things instead of waiting for next month. :running_woman:t3:

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What is the name of next month’s contest?

I dont know. @Liz will keep us updated about that.

We will announce the next Creator’s Contest sometime after this contest has ended :slight_smile: