Any Zelda, Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy fans here?


Just wondering if I was the only one who can’t live without these games :sweat_smile:. My favorite Zelda game is twilight princess, my favorite Kingdom hearts game is Kingdom hearts 2 and my Favorite Final fantasy game is Final fantasy 7




Al Kingdom Heart games!! I love everything about that game.


Samee!! I can’t wait till the new one comes out. When i saw the gameplay i cried :sob: Such a long wait finally it will be released soon




FFXV and FFVII :heart_eyes: Zack Fair :broken_heart: :sob:


Best character on FFVII !!!


Love Zelda! I remember in the 80’s when the NES first came out. My mother would come into my room to clean and spend the majority of her day playing Zelda instead <3


Same with my mom! Lol till this day she comes to my apartment and we play zelda from morning to night! Such an awesome game!


The Legend of Zelda is my LIIIFE! There was a time I knew about Hyrule’s history more than my own country’s. XDXD


Hahaha! Same here. At a point and time that’s all i use to play when i get home from school. Twilight princess for example. One of my favorite zelda games ever


Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, and Wind Waker are mine


I love wind wakers cartoonish style! Skyward sword I had a hard time with because of the controls lol, still a pretty good game.


My man is a kingdom hearts fan and final fantasy. I’m a Kingdom Hearts fan but we’ve been waiting for the new Final Fantasy game to come out. I really wanna try it and see if I like it


I love Skyward Sword because of the story, the lore, the rich culture that it added to the whole shebang. I was so…<3 <3 I cried, fam. Cried.


Yes! and the music is so beautiful. My favorite part of the game was fighting Demise. I love how dramatic the music was, plus the atmosphere they’re in made it so much more intensed. It was all beautifully put together.


Same ! I heard that one of the directors of square enix quit and they had to cancel the DLC for Final Fantasy XI. I hope that doesn’t effect any more future projects.


Yes. Koji Kondo is a hero. My favorite part of SS is just what it contributes to the lore, all the story aspects and like…uh. So awesome.

What’s your favorite part of Twilight Princess? Arguably, one of the ones I don’t like that much, but I do love it, as it is Zelda. Can’t get away from it. XD


I love the dark tone and setting it gives off. The zelda games before TP was more vibrant in setting, even in majoras mask which is considered the darkest zelda game in tone. A lot of people say TP isn’t really dark but i think so because a lot of the characters show a loss of hope and the game to me felt very lonely and isolated. It was different and i guess that’s why i like it so much lol. One thing I really dislike about it though is the bosses. They are way to easy and some were mostly the same boss fights on Ocarina of time. I was expecting something different with that when they first announced it.


Ah. I see. I like Majora’s Mask much more for the darker tones. I see what you mean with the loss of hope. It can be pretty sad, especially with Prince Ralis and his mother. That whole arc had me sad. The Zora are my favorite people. LOL.

That’s one thing I don’t like about Skyward Sword. Where are my fishy blue people??? T.T