Any1 wants to write stories together?

Hello there everyone!!!
I’m writing a story but I’ve already forgot about it and I want to come back! Does any1 needs a partner? Cause I can help you with ur story and u can help me with mine!
About my story;
-plan to do 4-5 choices a chapter
-trying to not write cheese romance story (I sometimes like cheesy romance plots but I want to write about smth more complex)

If anyone is up I will be ur friend and partner :blush::heart:


Hi :slight_smile:
if you are interested in writing a story together or making your own I would be excited to help. I have a lot of ideas that could be useful too :slight_smile: You sound like a real nice person and I would love to make a story whit you.

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Hi! I’m down for that. I will pm u

okay sounds great!! This is my first time ever maiking a story whit partner so I might need some help at first but i`m a quick lerner . :sweat_smile:

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