Anybody doing a digital art for comission?

Anybody doing covers/art scenes? Free or comission :blush:
I’m looking for an artist for a LL story.
You can send your examples here or DM me on IG @episode.merlin

Thank you!!


@Lady_Cannella is rlly good :pleading_face:
if ur willing to pay :sparkles:


@Lady_Cannella is a great artist, and her prices are really convenient :sparkling_heart:


Deoends :joy::joy:

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I’m doing Commissions I’ll text u on IG💕

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Anybody else?

I am doing commissions…will contact you on ig

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Thank you @queenscribbles @EtherealWitch :blue_heart:

I’m taking commissions, but I’m available for July :sweat_smile: there’s a discount on “squad contest’s” covers :+1:

My examples

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I just started doing commission! I may not have many example. Feel free to visit my shop or PM for more detail! :tulip:
My shop link —> 👾 Pupplegum's art commission shop [OPEN]

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I do covers and art scene by commission

Here my examples:

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I do commissions!