Anybody else believe in spirits?


I can see/communicate with ghosts, or spirits. I rarely find people that I can talk to about this, and I tend to like to rant about it, but it (naturally) freaks people out. That’s totally fine.
I just really want to talk to people about this subject, if anybody is up to talking about it! :ghost:


But if you see them, is it appropiate to say you believe in ghosts? People believe in God, but never saw him or got a reply on their prayers. I only say this so you understand why it’s so hard for you to find someone to exchange experiences with, many of those who might at least be open for the idea still never actually experienced anything like you did. :ghost::wink:

I’m interested to hear your stories, so please do tell :thinking:

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Yes, I believe in ghosts, or spirits, as I call them. But if I didn’t believe in ghosts, the “ghosts” could just be other-wordly creatures that I’d be communicating with.

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Ok, so a bit about spirits now that I have some people reading.

I’ve met with a bit of people who see them and we all see them differently. I don’t get a lot of times to talk with people about this because it’s not really common for people to see them. The people who I do talk with are my family who believe me, and people who I meet at what I call “Spiritual Conventions”, where I can meet what I call “mediums” or people who can communicate with spirits and my spirits.

I see the spirits out of the corner of my eye, mainly because the spirits don’t want to scare me. They appear in all shapes and forms. Some look like people, others look like just black/white sheet-like things.


The - originally rather neutral - term for such beings or “visitors” would be demons. :smiling_imp:

Spirits are everywhere, but some don’t want to make themselves known, or I just don’t see them.

Now, even though I see a lot of spirits I’ve rarely seen, or recognised, a bad one. I’ve never really seen a demon.

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What about those orbs?

Well, to me, there’s a difference between demons and spirits. Spirits are mainly just creatures in a different dimension, that (I believe) lies between this dimension and another, so that’s how I’m able to see them. But a lot of them don’t mean ill-intentions.

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Demons are not all evil either, at least for those who are into this. I am not an expert. :sweat_smile:

Some spirits are things that have never really lived in this world, a lot of them are “neutral”, but demons are also spirits who have never been on this world before.
I call these spirits “Shadow People”, they look like black, or white, sheets that are just floating, and they mainly come out at night. I see a lot of black spots of darkness, but they’re not bad, just, neutral. No bad spirits are allowed near me or in my home.

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A lot of people associate demons with things that are evil, so I like to call the “visitors” spirits instead, but it’s fine if you would like to call them demons.

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Surprisingly, I actually do believe in ghosts LOL

I can also talk to spirits. Several mediums have called me a “funnel” that means that I am like a funnel, that means that spirits are really good at communicating with me, and they can communicate with me easier than other people.


This is the thread to go if you want info on them. A common misconception is that they’re all bad, dangerous, and creepy, but the are not. I, a person who sees them a lot, rarely sees bad ones, and when I do, they are not really visable.

It takes a lot of energy for the bad ones to be there, and they just have the intent of getting some of your energy by scaring you.

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ooh hmm I’m not exactly sure what I believe in but it does sound interesting. I really like to hear about other people’s perspectives. :thinking:

The thing is that ghosts and spirits, on the other hand, are mostly associated with the souls of dead humans, that’s why we need to find proper terms. I am a philosopher, sorry. :sweat_smile:

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One time, when I was little, I saw a pair of floating pants, and I thought it was my Dad, because he was really tall compared to me.

Another time, a spirit was trying to make me smile, so I saw a pumpkin man taking off it’s jack-o-lantern head and juggling it.

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Oh yeah, that’s totally fine.

Yeah, I am open to sharing perspectives, you do not need to believe in the same things I believe in, I just really like getting to talk about this.

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