Anybody else ready for prom?

Prom is around the corner, I am super EXCITED to be going to this year! It’s going to conclude my senior year of high school, and I cannot wait. Who else is going to prom? If you are, are you going by yourself or with a date? Comment down below!


I ditched my prom after an hour and went to a college party :smile:


i am 23 years old. we dont prom same way here in my country. also at my last prom here in denmark my boyfriend did not show. so spend the night drinking. and ended our relationship

I’m not going this year or next year to it because my mom’s like nah and I wanted to go with my chocolate bar but like jdhslabssjsbzv it’s fine I may do something else anyways.

We don’t have prom in Sweden so I’ve never been to a dance like that. Looks pretty cute tho.

That’s unfortunate :frowning:

I’m 28, so no. But I liked prom.

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I’m going to prom early May and hopefully the music selection won’t be as horrible as it was for hoco. :confused:

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I liked my 8th grade prom, people went crazy because they thought I looked beautiful.

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i’m from the netherlands… we don’t have prom!!! and IT’S KILLING ME!!!


next year i’m going to high school so we have prom in may. honestly i’m not excited since i really want to leave this school

I’ve had two proms, the first one was okay I guess, and I don’t really remember the second one cause the bar was really cheap :joy:


I never went to prom because I was homeschooled…

lol, what a NERRRRRRRRD


I went to prom alone. No friends and definitely no date. I rocked the dance floor and loved it. Solo prom is le beszt!

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Wot? We have prom at my school s:

I wish we didn’t though, lmao. Prom is a big nah for me.


What! We don’t have anything like that :frowning:
No I want to dance hah

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I’ll sneak you in, m8! Aight, I guess the dance part is ok. Cuz nothing is more fun than shakin’ that booty!

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Thank god, skåne here I come :pray:t3:
Yeah it looks cozy :dancer:t2:

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Skåne is ready to embrace you for prom! :smirk:

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