Anybody else want to do reads for reads


Hi does anybody else wants to do reads for reads


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#3 read and tell me if you liked my story :wink:
Title: Inner Madness
Genre: Comedy
Please tell me your opinion :slight_smile:
If you going to read my story then please reply with yours and I will read yours story aswell :slight_smile:

#4 please read and give me honest feedback!!
Title: What is Love?
Genre: Action
I hope you all enjoy it!!


I will read your story just please read mine and also give me a honest feedback :wink:


Of course can’t wait to read it!!


I will read yours my story is called Celebrity Drama


Okay I will read yours later


Going to read your story now :slight_smile:


Okay I hope you like it


I read your story


I read yours too. I really enjoyed it…keep writing.


I will but now I’m taking a break for awhile so I’m writing a new story


Title: Envious Jealously
Author: Nakiarae
Genre: Mystery
Description: Ever wanted the first hand experience of a murder from the victim? That’s the case with Jeannie; she tells you step by step who her murderer is and how it came to be. Can you figure it out before the end?

Story Link:


I’m going to read yours now, also read mine :slight_smile:


I will read yours Now


I will just reply to me with your story link.
Mine :




Everyone please send me a fan mail I don’t have any


I read the first episode if you want my opinion, instead of telling “JUSTIN and SELENA left” show it to us. Using “exits right/left”. That would improve your story a lot much. Other than directing mistakes it was ok, but the story was too fast. You should watch Joseph Evans on YouTube for tutorials. Other than that, it was okay!