Anybody got backgrounds for me?

I’m working on a story that I recently came up with.
The setting goes from a Washington Heights-esque area (Mostly inhabited by the lower and middle class) to a preppy private school. Does anyone have:
-A girl’s bedroom background with multiple beds, one that isn’t too girly?
-Just some rooms for an apartment, one of the lower middle class?
-Preppy private school dorm, cafeteria, classrooms… etc. ? (For reference, the school is pretty much like the one from the K*ss List, but as a boarding school.)
I’d prefer ones that aren’t grainy.
Thank you!
I will credit you! :yellow_heart:

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Check out

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I did before making this, LOL.

try on pixabay

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Try on or They’re free images sites.

@classycherries @lazy_donut
I wouldn’t have made this post if I hadn’t checked every source I could think of outside of this platform.
I checked there before making this, and there was nothing to my liking.
That’s why I’m asking people here.

This was just a suggestion. No need to be rude we were trying to help.


Oh my goodness! I didn’t mean to be rude. Just wanted to get my point across.
Sorry about that. Xoxo :orange_heart:

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