Anybody have an suggestions on how to say thank you to over 400 followers?

I recently, reach the 400 mark on my Instagram, and I have no idea what to do to say thank you to my supporters, followers & readers. I can’t draw so therefore I can’t do edits for anybody. Honestly, I don’t know what to do. Does anybody have any ideas for me?

Hey!! You could do…

  • An outline contest
  • A face reveal
  • give a couple of people parts in your story or if you don’t have a story and you do edits or something you could edit a couple of peoples edits!
  • Create a tutorial video
  • Do a contest or something and follow who ever wins
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What is an outline contest? How would I create a tutorial video?

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What is your instagram account used for?

edits or a story or something else?

Promoting my story :slight_smile:

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An outline contest is when you outline an episode character (Or have someone else) then you send out the outline on your instagram or on the episode forums and let people fill it in. Then they will turn it in before the deadline and you can look them over and see which one you like best!
You can create a tutorial/video by using a screen video taper while you would draw to teach people some tips and stuff

Okay. I don’t know how to make an outline of the main characters of my story.

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Thats fine! If thats what you want to do you could ask an art groups on the forums to do it for you! otherwise there are plenty of more options!

Okay I will. I need more ideas.

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Hmmmmm let me think

  • You could ask your followers for ideas
  • Do a role in your story giveaway
  • Follow giveaway, follow a certain number of your followers (Random or not)
  • Give a shoutout to random followers (On Instagram or in your story)
  • Give a shoutout to all your followers (On Instagram or in your story)

You could do a character contest?
Put the participants in a draw and the winner is a big character in your story?

I’ve already done a lot of character contests :frowning:

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