Anybody having CLASSROOM background (2 seats) - I realy do not like the episode one

I am talking about this background.
I really do not like it… but I haven’t found any photo similar to this position od pixabay…so does anybody has a similar background (2 SEATS BEHIND DESK LOOKING LIKE CLASSROOM) but bit nicer?:slight_smile:

@amepisode has some classroom backgrounds tht u can check out.

Lol I am not used to instagrsam…how do I find the link to the drive with the backgrounds?:smiley:

click her username, I tagged it, then once u click it, u will see a link to her name. it will lead u to her instagram, then look on her profile u will see the linktree to her drive.

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In my drive you can find this:

There’s also a link to my linktree on my profile here on the forums xxx

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THANKS :slight_smile: I decided to try to make my own…what do ysou say?


It looks amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: