Anybody here know how to make custom overlays?

Hi guys!
I need someone who can make customs overlays.
i need overlays with characters and their details on them. like (passports,state ids, most wanted) stuff like that. also someone who knows how to make social media overlays. i know i’m asking a lot :roll_eyes::joy:.

What I need:

  • Social media overlay (with the name Alana Davenport on it and w/ some comments and likes)
  • Passport (with a the normal details a passport would have) (a opening where i can put my character on it)
  • State ID (same with passport, normal details and a cut out option for a picture)
  • Most wanted background/overlay (just has to say most wanted at the top, and a place to put a character)

do a list of everything u need so we can find them.

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okay i’ll do that. thanks for the suggestion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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