Anybody here went to a pride parade this month? Share your experiences if you have any!

I’m going on Friday :blush: (not LGBTQ+ but a supporter)


It wasn’t so much a parade but like a day long event in a park. I’m a supporter too. We spent the day there, and the event had like different vendors, and food trucks. They had a stage set up, and had a line up of several performers such as local drag kings and queens, bands, and a few RPDR queens (Alyssa Edwards and Delta Work). Watch the performances was 100% free, and after someone performed you could go meet them (Got to meet Alyssa and Delta, along with a few local queens). It was a really awesome day


I’m not LGBTQ+ but a lot of my friends are so I’ll support them through it, love is love.

Some of my friends haven’t technically “Came out” yet so we’re going to another city to support it, which I’ll do because support means a lot in a situation like that.


That sounds so fun! It’s a bit different here, more like an actual parade for several hours and then there are some stuff in one place, such as, food, music, all kinds of booths, some performances and I guess some more.

That’s awesome, good luck to your friends! :kissing_heart:

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Yeah, well, it can be just fun ya know, and protesting by doing nothing won’t do anything…

While being LGBTQ+ is totally normal, there are still rights they’re fighting for, for instance, in my country, gays can’t get married or adopt a child, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, so I at least think it’s important to do all this.

Yeah we have parades and all that too, but we have pride events all month long

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