Anybody interested in creating a cover?


I’m writing a story and I wanted to know if anybody was interested in making a cover for me?
Lmk if you’re interested! I commented what I needed :grin:


I can…

But, I’m currently revamping my thread.


I would love to make a cover for you!

Could you give a description of what you want?


I van


I was actually wondering if you could do something with this:


What’s the title called?


I can do it, what do u want the background to be and what’s the story called and the author?


I’ve done this so far but I’ll need the title and author name to continue it. Also u can ask me to change the background, I just put a random one lol


I’m supposed to work on it.


Sorry I’m just bored and wanted to do some requests


So…I have a few questions for you.

Once again Title :
Author ~Optional~
Description :
Mood of cover :
Time frame :
Background ~Optional~
Any other specific preferences?

The quicker you answer these the quicker I can have a cover done for you! :smile: