Anybody know how i can put my character behind this background?

i want my character behind the counter the cash register but i dont know how

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You’ll need to use overlays. You need an overlay of the counter + floor that you can then layer over the character

You need a overlay for that

You need to cut it out or have someone do it for you :slight_smile:

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so i have to cut out the counter and make it an overlay?

Yes, there are different programs you could do this with. Some do it on ibis paint, others use gimp, I use photoshop. There’s options.

okay, so then i just place it over the background?

Yeah, and place it where you need it placed. If something doesn’t work, come back and I might be able to help you.

do u think u can do it for me?

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Sure, it should take a few minutes though.

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oh ok thank you very much!

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Here. If you need help with something just ask :slight_smile:

oh ok thank you it looks perfect!

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks!