Anybody know how to find good episode backgrounds

Does anybody know where you can find good episode backgrounds other than episodelife? Because I’m looking for an EXT. college campus and INT hallway, auditorium. And if someone has people that post backgrounds on Instagram can you drop their @ for me?


Episode life has lost of good backgrounds and overlay’s that are free to use! Just be sure to credit the creator :))

There are many creators on the forums and Instagram and they should be easy to find. A good place to get a nice high school hallway is @/talesbylaura on Instagram she has one in her drive it’s not very tradtional school hallway but it is nice.

Thank you <3

Here are links to good resources for free backgrounds💕

Other background free sources:

I hope this helps :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


There are some really good art shops that can make some for you. That’s all I know of.

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There are also great backgrounds on Wincy’s site, as well as Jen’s page.
I happen to produce backgrounds too, but like Jen’s, mine aren’t free.

I have a bunch of background drive links from different bg artists I use, I can PM them to you :blush: