Anybody need a edit? (CLOSED!)


Ok- well, can you send me the deets


yes of course

this is the main character

and this is my second character
The story I’m writing is a thriller. I don’t have a specific idea for what i want the covers to look like but the girl without the face is controling the main character. The two covers i want you to do are the two you see in the episode app. I dont mind if its one cover that i use for both or if its two different onces. whichever is faster. this is for a contset and the contest is due septmeber 30.

Thank you so much for your help, I will tag you for your art just give me your @


Ok- I will try my best to finish! @SophiaM for my tag


OK thank you very much
Just so I can be ready, how will you send the art to me?
Also the outfits and the makeup don’t have to be exact, change the clothes how you see fit.


Ok- I will send it to you through here (The pm)


Hey! What background do you want?


I don’t see it


? No, what background do you want?