Anybody need a writing partner?

Hey everybody I was wondering if y’all needed a writing partner if so then dm me on here or go check out my other social media’s ( I reply faster on them) which are listed in my profile. Hope y’all have a great day

I would love to have a writing partner. I have a start for a story if you don’t have a story in mind but I can do whatever story. I just started so I’m working on learning coding but I’m not great at it so hopefully you know coding.

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I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to coding

But I would love to be a writing partner

We could totally just work on coding together then and learn. I know a bit but not a lot. I would love to work as co-writers together though. Do u have any stories or we can make a new one together.

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I’m working on a story called Blacl Diamonds it’s based on my life but a little more dramatized

And we also can start a new one too and maybe put it on a me of our personal accounts but odviously give eachother credit

I think either option is great I would just want to know more about your story.

Ok either dm on here or on instagram either works but I might reply faster on Instagram