Anybody need any type of splash i can make it CLOSED


closed go check out my more organized request form


do you have an episode story


no but i’m working on one


what is it called




hmmm I thought youy had another you were working on… ok nvm sorry


I could use a splash!
Do you do the mature themes ones?


did you have one that you got a cover made for???


Can I use my edit from your contest for an example for my edit thread and I iwll credit you for the outline




Did you ever get a cover from episode studio


and yes i do make those just give me
*any characters u want if so give me the details plz
*what do you want the spalsh to say exactly
*any extra details


Okay, so the background is the detention background.
Vanessa: Skin-Tan
Brow-Seductive Arch
Hair- Black Fishtail braid
Eyes-Upturned Feline (White)
Mouth-Classic (Red)

Noah: Skin- Dark
Brow-Thick Arch
Hair-Black Spiked
Eyes- Round Peircing Brown
Nose- Button
Face Shape- Defined Triangle
Mounth-- Uneven Dark


An example


mk thx it’ll be done soon


Any luck?


please tell me if you would like a redo bc i’m kinda new at this and my dad took my phone so if u would like i can do it completely over i can put some contour on the character ya know

and if u don’t use it plsss let me know
also if you do credit me on instagram and forums


you also did not say what font you wanted so i just went with the default one


this one is closed


@Jeremy close plzz