Anybody need me to make a character, outfit, or character card?

i really enjoy designing characters lol and no matter how many times i try to write my own story, i can’t, so i decided to offer to help anyone else. i also enjoy doing things with photo editing so i’d love to make some character cards as well if anyone needs them.

what i offer:

  • making outfits
  • making characters
  • making character cards

also! it’s totally free, don’t worry.

just lmk if anyone wants me to make them a character so you don’t have to use the weird random ones episode makes

some examples of character cards and outfits/characters designed (male characters to come soon):


Do you have any examples? If so, you should include them in your post. :two_hearts:

haha i updated it

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Do you make outfits? If so I need one for a business meeting! This is what she looks like :arrow_down:

And she needs to have an outfit for a very important business meeting, could you make me one? :cowboy_hat_face: