Anybody that could code my story for me?

It makes me sad that I have so many ideas but I could never put them to fruition. I am very creative but I find myself never being able to code with being a full time student. As well as I’m still learning the code. I’ve wanted to ask if someone could code my story and they take all the profit but it’ll just be my ideas. (credit will be split of course)

I’ve started my story this summer and I still haven’t put a single chapter out due to my schedule. I honestly don’t care about making anything but expressing my story because I feel like I have so many good ideas but I can never share them. :frowning:


What style is it in?


I could code you some scenes if you want Coding episodes scenes for free!

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Oh okay! How would that work?

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You just make a request on there with as much details as Possible then I will code it and send it to you.

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Hey girll I could code some chapters for you if you want :two_hearts::two_hearts:
But I charge money or gems​:smiling_face::smiling_face::butterfly:

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