Anybody up to have a role in my story 😁

Hey everyone, I’m out of ideas for characters and wanted to know if anyone wanted a role in my story, here are the roles:

LI’s Best friend (1 Male or female)
LI’s sisters (2)
MC’s cousin
Background characters
(I’ll keep you updated if I need any more people)

I don’t want to have to turn anyone down on the holidays, so if someone requests a role already, try not to request it again

Happy Holidays everyone!!! :yum:


Can I be the best friend


I’d love to if you’ll have me!

LI sister or best friend works

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you can choose

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I’d love to be the cousin or anything else if you want!
I haven’t got a character card yet so here are my details:
Female generic - neutral 2
Arched natural - brown deep
Medium wavy ombré - blonde medium
Female generic - hazel
Soft heart
Round broad
Full heart pouty - red deep gloss

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I can be a sister

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what happened why did ur last account get suspended

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hi id like to be a character if possible

any character idc

My deets


hope theres room fir me
marry xmas :tada::tada::tada:

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Thank you :blush::partying_face:

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Cursed Background Character!


Body: Female Generic
Skin: Blue
Hair: Long High Ponytail, Aqua Blue
Eyebrows: Straight Medium, Black Jet
Eyes: Round Medium, Blue Green
Nose: Round Button
Mouth: Small Heart, Azure Matte
Face: Round Soft
Clothing: Sports Bra Cotton Complex Color (Blue Sky); Open Hoodie White Pull Hood Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Blue; Sl Nina Worn Ripped Jeans Denim Blue Oxford; Slip On Canvas Blue Navy; Cross Necklace Metal Silver