Anybody wanna be friends?

I’m a very cool person and I just wanna talk to somebody idk it would be nice to have an internet friend :sparkles:


I’m willing to be internet friends (:

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Me toooo :sparkles:

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Okay, I’m going to dm you

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Okie (:

We can be friends too

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We can be friends! I’m always down for more!

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Ayyy I’m down too!

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Hello there. I don’t mind being friends. My insta is @raven_author

Dm me there and we can chat :blush:

i’m down for that! my instagram is @liaxrosie :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna dm you

We can be friends…
You really seems to be cool

Hi! hola! HELLOO!!! HAI! sorry!

I would love to be friends :heartpulse:, and I feel u!
Please! PM if ur interested or reply if u do. I’ll PM if u reply! lol! idc!
Sorry! imma just go and wait for yur response or if yur interested in being friends LMAO! :joy:

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i’d love to be friends C:

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Would love being friends, feel free to hmu. Here or on ig @emmaj.stories <<33

We can be friends, you can pm me here

Yeah. Ofc I can dm you here or on my insta: @Marie.author1

OK I’ll be friends with you.

Why do u want internet friends :neutral_face:
Half of us are like keyboard warriors n rest doesn’t even show there real personality :no_mouth:
Go outside n make real friends.

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I agree with you but there are people who are real and nice
I respect your opinion and I wanna share I don’t have irl friends but really amazing and nice online friends