Anybody wanna help me write a story?!?!

I want someone who is good at coding and, I can talk to to try and write come up with a better story and better story ideas, maybe how I can make a scene better, or how I can make the whole story better over all. If you are intrested you can join my discord the link is. Anyway just reply to this and join, thanks, also don’t worry nobody exept me and my sis are there so yea.

I’ll help out

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I wanna create a story! Although I can’t do the coding… but I can create characters!!! Btw they look awesome. I can help look for a cover art for the story!

Holly smile I have a basic version of the cover, maybe could you make it better

I would like a person who can be my co-writer and coder. My story is about a girl named Emma who meets a boy named Andrew. The next day she realizes he is not normal. He seems to teleport away. Emma gets suspicious. She the finds out his deepest, darkest secret. Anyway thxs! Keep in mind if you can’t write then you can code or create a cover for me. There is a lot of things I need help with. Well if you feel you have anything that could help feel free to join my disc server the link will be here. Thx again!