Anybody wanna make me a cover? (People stuck in a television)

Hello there people! I need a cover made for a story about 5 people who find out they are in a tv show. My idea is to have it edited but if you think you can draw the whole cover than go ahead.
The title is “In Between the Lines”
Make the words black in the small cover and white in the large cover. You can choose the font.

Here’s the background for the small cover:

Here’s the large cover: (Put the title on the wall above the tv and the chair)

If you can, put this background inside the television.
Screen Shot 2022-07-09 at 1.39.46 pm

Put them in the poses they are in. Let me know if you need the character details.






Jason (large cover only)


Here’s how it’s gonna go;
Lydia, Valerie, Jessi, Evan and Ryan are stuck in the tv.
(in the tv in both covers) Lydia is in the middle, Valerie is to the left of her, Evan is to the left of Valerie, Jessi is to the right of Lydia, and Ryan is to the right of Jessi.
Jason will be sitting on the chair in the large cover.

Let me know if you’d like me to explain it more. :blush:
Also, don’t worry about having to do it quickly. I’ve only written the beginning of episode 1 and there are many choices so it will take a while for me.

I think the background size is way too low-quality, it’s best to attach a larger/better size so people who want to take up the offer to edit can see if they can do it or something :>

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Yeah I was thinking that too. Wait, which background did you mean?

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both of the television backgrounds (one with blue wallpaper and the one with brown). Their resolution is poor and will look blurry on a cover, especially when edited characters are in it :(( (the third background can be found on the portal so it’s okay)

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I see. I’ll try to find something better. Thanks for telling me though :blush:
I updated the post.

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It would take me some time to finish it but I’ve started doing drawn (meaning I’m nowhere near professional so it won’t be perfect)

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Your example looks amazing. Take all the time you need.
Ryan is banging on the tv screen by the way, my image wasn’t that great. Also, do you think you could make Jason face forward rather than sideways?

If it’s too much for you to do then I can make it simpler. If you just want to do one cover that is fine too.
Also, is it free?

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It is free. I’ll send you a form to fill out ! And the quality of the image only matters because I’ll use it as a reference but everything will be drawn.


(Bold = Required)

  • Title:
  • Author name:
  • Preferred background (custom/Episode/other):
  • Color scheme:
  • Large cover, small cover, or both:
  • Any extra text:
  • Any overlays:
  • Anything extra:
  • Are there characters on the cover:
  • If yes, fill out the form below for each character (Max of 5):
  1. Character style (LL, INK, Classic):
  2. Character details:
  • Body shape:
  • Body color:
  • Eyebrow shape:
  • Eyebrow color:
  • Eye color:
  • Eye shape:
  • Face shape:
  • Hair color:
  • Hairstyle:
  • Nose shape:
  • Lip shape:
  1. Character outfit:
  2. Character pose (custom or Episode):
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The form has been filled
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