Anybody want me to make them a character card!

Ignore that i forgot the “E” in limelight!!

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Do you do ink ones as well and how many can I request x

You can rrquest here yes i do ink as well
Character details:
Name on card:
Card theme:
Any special effects:
Do you want outfit to appear on card:

Hey! may i have a character detail card? it’s limelight

skin: neutral 2
brow: straight medium (deep brown)
hair: long wavy parted/messy sock bun (brown black)
eyes: female generic (blue green)
face: square defined
nose: round button
mouth: full heart pouty (beige pink gloss)
Extras: thin round rim glasses metal silver

outfit: ssomething pastel themed? also please have her wearing the glasses i put on extras :slight_smile:

Name on card: Gracie’s Details

Card theme: pastel, kawaii, cute

Any special effects: nope!

Pose: it doesn’t matter just something cute

Do you want outfit to appear on card: nope!

Okay ill start on it straight away

thank you so much!

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You will have it today …

thank you i appreciate it!!

hey sorry to bother, but is it almost done? :cupid:

Name: Sophia
Skin tone: Neutral 03
Eyebrows and brow color Straight Medium - Chestnut Brown
Hair type and color: Long Curls - Light Brown
Eyes and eye color: Generic - Blue Green
Face shape: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips & color Full Round Flat Skin Top - Rose Light Nude Gloss

Outfit Information

Quilted Pattern Panelling Belted Open Jacket Grey Cool Dark
Thigh High Studded Heeled Boots Warm Grey Blush Leather Rhinestone
Shortsleeve Fit And Flare Dress Cotton Blue Black
Thin Heart Earrings Metal Silver
Crop Striped Metallic Turtleneck Cotton Grey Silver
Leather Ring Necklace Leather Grey Black

or anything you like if it’s easier :slight_smile:

Theme Of Card
Kinda Bouggee or City Lights :grin:

And I would like outfit to appear on card

Pose can be anything really, but preferably looking sexy or badass :wink: