Anybody want to be my Art teacher?

Hey All You Cool Cat’s And Kittens! So I really need help with my art skills, I was wondering if anybody can help. If so fill out this form (btw I use Ibis paint x):blush:


Are you interested in being my teacher:
How long have you been drawing:
Are you actually gonna give me tips with your honest opinion?:
Lastly, Do you want to have a little pm chat ? (if not then sry you can’t rly be my teacher):


Some of my art on Ibis Paint x


I can’t become your art teacher bcz I am preety new in arts too
but If you use shadow and highlight in your arts it will look good
and use hair brush for making hair …(if you use ibis paint then use (oil) hair and fix its opacity to 50 and choose a little bit brighter color then the base color)
:relaxed: :relaxed:
For if its irritate you :sweat_smile: :pleading_face:
Its just a little advice for making your art a little bit more better :hugs:


I’m still experimenting with my ways for shading and I don’t have examples that I like that aren’t OC entries. I’m gonna open a thread just to get examples😂

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I would but I have n o c l u e how ibispaint works


This is for an OC
I haven’t finished but I hope you can get the general idea of my style😅
I’ll fihish it either today or tomorrow
Also, I have many palettes you can use btw💖


Name; Elina
Are u interested in being my art teacher?; Yes
How long have you been drawing; 3-4 months I would say but I think I progressed very fast because I had my own amazing art teacher @/epy.peppermints and I was always asking people their ways so I could learn and experiment
Examples; well you can see the thing at the top and I will finish it and show you the final product
Are you actually going to give honest tips?: Absolutely
Lastly are you ok with a little PM chat?; Totally fine💕

I understand if I don’t get chosen, there are many more talented artists😗

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