Anybody want to be my writing buddy? -CLOSED-


Hello! I am looking for a writing buddy to help me with writing my story ^^ If you’re interested, PM me and see if you like the idea of the story! Have a nice day :3


Hey i would love to be your writing buddy Just pm and type the details for the story i’ll be in touch aria



Thank you! ^^


No problem!


Just send me the details when you wanna start!


I am right now x3


This is my first time making a story so with us luck!




are one of us making the cover or just ask somebody else to?


Somebody actually just accepted my cover request!




Im ready for the details then


I started writing them a few minutes ago xD I like to be detailed, sorry for the wait :sweat_smile:


nah nah its fine im like that to so i dont miss anything XD