Anybody want to have your story referenced in my Story?


I am making a party scene in Episode 3 - Death Is Close, where the main character “Omen” tries to hide from the government. In doing so, I hope I can add a reference to another story in Episode. If you do want to have your character give the player a reference, these are the things you need to tell me:

Things Needed
  1. Everything about your character from the story. (How to make them in writer portal, nose type, mouth, skin color, outfit, etc.)
  2. Everything you want the character to say to reference the story. (Omen says: Who are you? Your character says: Their name. Omen says: Who? Your character says: The reference you choose.)
  3. Your character’s name.
  4. Be honest. Don’t lie and say Falling for the Dolan Twins is yours or something. Tell me your real character things and your real story name and everything.

That’s all! Can’t wait to see your story references! Only one can win, so go all out to be able to win!




HI I’m the author of Mars and life of millie
How does this work


DM Me the answers to every question in the things needed box and I will wait and see who the winner is in 24 hours


You there?


Sorry busy lol
Okay I’ll do it in a few min’s when I’m home