Anybody Who knows the name of this story?

I need help I’m trying to remember this story about an arranged marriage that has to do with the Italian magic and the Irish mafia and I don’t think it’s called till death, does anybody know the name of this story? I will be so happy if I found this!!


Try Chain Reaction : King Theo

No it isnt that story…

Did you happen to find it? I think I might be looking for the same one but it’s been long enough since I’ve read it that I’m not entirely certain :grimacing:

Like I said, I vaguely remember the details (helpful, I know) but I do remember I wasn’t able to finish it due to something wrong with my old phone. I remember the main character was a female that I’m fairly certain you could customize and she had an uncle who lived in Ireland (or something like that) and she was trying to get back to him because of her current, dangerous situation. She had a love interest and a sister (or step sister) that she hated… Ugh I wish I remembered more. I am trying to find the name of the story