Anybody willing to beta read and help with some advanced coding?

I am a new writer, and I would like to request:
-some help with some advanced coding
-a couple of beta readers
I don’t want you to put in your work for nothing! so if you need help making a cover (not art, but I can photoshop a background of any sort), English spelling/grammar, outfits created, or a beta reader, I would be thrilled to help you out!
Please respond to this thread if you are/know anyone who can help me out or needs help.
Thanks lovelies!

How advanced?

I’m looking for lots of people in the middle, fore, and background for busy scenes, as well as tappable overlays, helping remember choices, and I just overall suck at coding lmaoooooo

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Oh! :joy:

your avatar/profile pic character is super super cute btw

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Thank you! I created her because I wanted a reference character for my book I am writing she is the MC.