Anyone able to do covers for me?

Hi. I am a new writer and currently working on my first story. I have no artistic ability at all so was wondering if anyone could make a small and big cover for me and possibly a mature themes splash?
Below are the character profiles.

Lexi is the main character. She is a boxer and trains in MMA. I imagine her being fairly petite but strong so maybe in some boxing or gym clothes with her hair up.

Leo is very logical and nice until wronged then he is pure evil.

Jake is sweet but kinda stupid. Boring and plain.

Noah is the sweetest guy you can imagine. He is soft and protective but in the wrong place.

That’s all I can say about them for now without giving anything away. Noah is the main love interest but Leo and Jake are also contenders (comes down to choices.)

Jake is a regular guy. Noah and Leo are ‘Agents’

If you need any more info let me know.

If you can help, thank you so much !!

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I can do it!

That would be fantastic! Thank you! Do you need anything I haven’t provided?

Do you want a custom outfit, linelight clothes, classic clothes or ink clothes

Also what is the title?

The story is in INK. Noah and Leo are ‘Agents’ so clothing to suit that preferably. Jake is just a regular guy so have fun with that.

Lexi would be best suited to gym or fighting clothes.

Title is “What Now?”

Imma p.m your for anything else but im start ing to work at it now

Thank you so much!

AmyAn is amazing!!! So I’m sure the outcome will be fabulous

Awe, thanks :heart_decoration:


It’s just the truth girl

I am so excited! I can’t even express my thanks! :smiley:

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Im so sorry im taking toooo long
But ive finished a large cover



Im bad at the normal boy ^.^

Thank you so much! That is awesome!!! :smiley: I’m so excited!!!

I seriously cannot thank you enough!

Im done with the small one


wow…they are both awesome! thank you so much for taking the time to do these and bringing to life what I wanted!

Am I allowed to post these on my instagram?

do you still need it