Anyone accepting art commissions?

I’m looking for artists who are accepting commissions, as I would like to add some art to my story. The story is LGBT, so the artist will have to be comfortable drawing two men kissing. If anyone is interested, please let me know!


Do you have a budget?

I’d say my budget would be about $200 (about 150 GBP) I don’t mind paying more though. I’m not looking for anything spectacular, usually just busts with no background, as I can add one myself.

heyy i dmed u @lucyverse

hiya my commissions are open if you’re interested and i’m wayyy within your budget :))

You can contact me here or on Instagram @caitlindrewthis

prices + info

some examples




You can find more examples here on my thread >> Caitlin’s Art Commissions [OPEN]

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Hi! My commission open)

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These are gorgeous! I’d definitely love to work with you, if you’re happy to do it! I can send you a message on Instagram and we can talk on there.

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Incredible art! Do you have Instagram? If so, I can message you there and give you more info on what I’d like.

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Great! Just send me a message on insta <3

My inst @va.arty

If u r still looking!!

My insta. @/tessa_art.28