Anyone alive here?



hi everyone, I am new to forums and I have been playing episode since 1 month soo let’s chit chat, how’s everyone? what are y’all doing? anything you like to share :smile:


hey welcome to episode! if you want any advice or have any questions about episode or anything else, make sure to check out my thread! -Tea:heart_eyes:


Hey, nice to meet you :slight_smile:


hey thanks I will check it out :slight_smile:


Heyy Nice to meet you too :smile:


Are you just reading stories or also writing your own?


I’m here on an all nighter just because of my effing exams


well I am reading stories and writing one but It will be a long time till i can post it so how about you?


Lol that sounds fun what subject?


Well since you are a freshman in episode I can suggest you some wonderful stories


Good luck!!


Information technology


I’m playing episode for more than 4 years and started to write my own story in june :slight_smile:


yea sure suggest some stories


Similar to my twin. I have been a long time reader then turned writer.


Rivals , Ruby tiara , Dirty sexy teenagers ,My episode lover etc


ahh thats nicee


rivals ish da best romance story ever


Omg sameee


I read romantic stories only if they dont have love triangles lolol I don’t have any problems with love triangle but still