Anyone been to a haunted park?

My family was at a park that is haunted if you visit during the night. It a beautiful park during the day in South Carolina at the beach.

Below you can read the history of the park and you should check it out next time when you on vacation.
(During the day it is a beautiful park, but at night a gloomy feeling hangs overhead that make many believe it is haunted. In the early 1700’s, nearly 50 pirates were executed at White Point Park and it is believed that spirits come back to haunt the park at night. Stede Bonnet and his crew were among these pirates hung from the park’s old oak trees. Stories of pirates’ faces staring from within the trees have been reported, as well as sightings of figures hanging above. Some have even reported glancing down in the water and seeing the reflection of the executed pirates on the waters’ surface.)

Have anyone been to a haunted park with your family and friends. Please comment below.