Anyone celebrating Chinese New Year 🧧?

Hi, I’m Chinese and I’m celebrating :red_gift_envelope: Chinese New Year. Anybody else? Btw, the concerts for Chinese New Year are amazing. I would suggest watching them if you’re bored You won’t understand the songs or what they are saying if you don’t know Chinese.


Yeeeesssss, I celebrate! I’m Vietnamese though so its a little different for me, but still!


Well, happy Chinese New Year!!!

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happy Chinese New Year to you too!

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Happy Lunar New Year guys!!

Wishing yall great prosperity, health and wealth in this metal ox year! :tada::tada::tada:


Happy New year!

Thank you for this thread! Yes I’m celebrating and happy Chinese New Year to you all!

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I do! Happy lunar new years everyone!! :tada:

Omg hi, I’m celebrating too, unfortunately i can’t visit as many houses as per last year, so I’m just staying home :slight_smile:

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Chinese New Year ending in 6 days!

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