Anyone Could Help Me?

Hey! Do you guys know any good coding combinations-- or anyway I can make it seem like two characters fell over each other?

I’m at the point of my story where the main character (girl) gets up so fast and recklessly that she makes both her and the main character (guy) fall on the floor.

I’m using the background INT. TRAIN CAR - DAY.

I was thinking to do something like before they fall the scene goes black and the camera shakes. Then when the screen is black i could have some dialogue in between them, (like the guy telling her to let him help her up). When the scene comes back she could be using the action code to get up.

I don’t know if that’ll work up, and even if it does I have no idea how to do it haha. Could you help me?

I suggest using run_fall. (Are you using Ink?)

Yeah I am