Anyone do text pngs?

Hai so urm I’m in need of a beautiful font thats in this position but creative! :sweat_smile:

“Welcome To:”
“Better Than Before”

I’ve tried doing it myself but I can’t find anyones I really like :pleading_face: So if anyone can help I’D BE FOREVER GRATEFUL AND OFC GIVE YOU CREDIT! :heart:

Lunaa's Text Overlay Thread {OPEN} :rose:


Thats a cool thread! But its not something I’m looking for :sweat:

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What is that you’re looking for? :thinking: :heart:

There is an app called Pronto. You can use.
Plus you can download fonts. There are a lot of fonts there. :blush:

A pretty cursive one :sweat_smile:

Am sure MystikLunaa can whip something awesome up :+1:

There are some cool fonts on, you just got to make sure they say 100% Free or Public Domain so that you can use them :woman_shrugging: