Anyone does cover request?

Hi, I am looking for help to make my covers please

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There are many threads that you can check out.

Otherwise, list your requirements, and I (or someone) may be able to help you.

i do

I could do it if you’d like x

Male: Olive skin, button nose, define triangle face, black hair, Modern Pompadour hair style, deepset sloping eyes, classic blush lip color, thin arch eyebrows
Male outfit: White professor sweatshirt, black leather Oxford shoes, and fancy Victorian pants
Female: rosewood skin, eleven nose, oval face, black hair, beach wave hair style, round bold eyes, toffee color eyes, Scarlett lipstick, seductive arch eyebrows.
Female outfit: Embellished cocktail dress but customize it to like black instead of blue or any ideas you have and gold buckled black heels but change them to the color silver
The male character is dismayed and the female is arms crossed angry.
Any color for the background something with like getting caught cheating a bedroom background is good.

You can check out my thread at Edits/Character Details/Splashes/Adverts or I could take your request from here.

My Soulmate:
Female: Olive skin, eleven nose, full round lips, toffee color eyes, upturned bold eyes, oval face, long straight black hair, seductive arch eyebrows, Scarlett lipstick
Female outfit: Gold, pendant necklace, black ridged Moto jacket, calf boots black and red, and black belted sweater dress
Male: light skin, button nose, uneven blush color lips, blue eyes, classic round eyes, define triangle face, black hair male subtle faux hawk hair style, thin arch eyebrows
Male outfit: cool leather jacket, black tight pants, black high top dance shoes, black shirt
I want the male and female characters to be like they are holding each other or him protecting her from the other male who is.
Other Male: taupe skin, button nose, classic taupe colored lips, black hair color, Modern Pompadour hair style, define triangle face, thin arch eyebrows, taupe eyes
Male outfit: black suit and vest, wedding uniform pants, and dress socks and black shoes
I want him to look at them with arms crossed angry
Any color for back ground and any scene that looks like a mob background


Got it! :grinning:

Okay! Great I posted what I wanted and what my cover looks like now if that helps please let me know.

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Thank you!!

Okay I can do the first one :blush:
Would you like it drawn or edited & a large cover small or both?

No problem. :heart:

Thanks! I would like it drawn and both would be great!!

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Okay! :blush:

How are these?

Hi! I love it but the tan guy has a beard though if you could change that it would be perfect if thats okay?

Okay. I was confused on that, because the details said defined triangle but the picture showed the stubble. I should be able to fix that pretty quickly. One sec.

Okay, thanks sorry about that :frowning_face:

It’s no problem! :grinning:

Sorry, I thought I sent it but turns out it didn’t go through :sweat_smile: