Anyone doing art for free inbox me!

I need someone to do a professional cover for me!

Did you finish our r4r?

You should read this story
Name: My perfect man (3)
Genre: Comedy/drama
Style: Limelight
Description: A perfect friendship, ruined by business, They might be enjoying their “Elite” treatment, but little did they know what’s waiting for them…
What’s special: Full CC, lots of choices, advanced directing

I’d be really grateful if anyone checks it out and gives me some feedback!

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3 for 3 episodes then?

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Yeah sure! Let’s send screenshots after in pm!

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Okay will do I’m on it now.

Hey, wanna do R4R?
Title: Eat Your Heart Out
Author name: F/N
Description: Wishing for an angel entangled your life,as what fell down upon you surely wasn’t one. Fierce Vampire or an Enigmatic Detective? What will you choose? Love, Lust or perhaps Yourself?
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 3 (Ongoing)
Link to story:
Additional notes: CC, Choices matter. LL
Instagram: @fnepisode

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sure 3 for 3 episodes

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Interested in R4R?


Title: A Crazy Little Thing Called First Love
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Style: Limelight
Story Description: Riley is an ordinary student who begins to develop a crush on a handsome and talented transfer student. Will Riley confess her feelings before graduation?!
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)

This is my story if you are interested in a r4r
Title: Bad Love
Author: Epi.sodeleah
Style: ink
Episodes: 4 more coming
Description: When one night changes your life, will you get your happily ever after?