Anyone Doing Free Art Requests?

Hi everybody. I’m trying to look for someone who would be willing to draw my two characters in a romantic art scene or on a cover for my story. If anyone knows how, let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I do art cover but not art scenes. Though only for published stories

Really? That’s a relief. Because whenever I politely ask for a cover or art scene, I get turned down. And not in a good way.

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Ouch! Really, I never experienced this , btw I can also draw cover and art scene, if you are interested :yum:

I do edited stuff and it’s all free! (I’m not talented enough do do drawn :lol:)

Really? Thanks. I would love a romantic art scene between my characters
they’re dating by the way),
and I would like it to happen during Episode 7 of my story. and also, I would like some kind of conflict between the couple and Leilani Makani. and if you’re curious to know who she is, she’s a rival of the main character who’s obsessed with her boyfriend. And I would love a cover too. :slight_smile:

I would love a character detail of my MC, Rosie Jiménez. and she’s from Guatemala, Mexico.

Limelight Girl Style: Girly but with a tomboy edge.

She’s not afraid to throw a few punches, especially if it’s toward people she hates.

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Yea! Send me here details, or just fill out the forum on my shop :blush::two_hearts:

If they are rude it’s wrong. But art actually is expensive. I know some whos cheapest would be 60 dollars. not to say time if I took a dollar per hour for my art it would be around 20 dollars for one character. so people sometimes just dont have time

@Hufflepuff90 I am a Slytherin
btw my art forum

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Title: Rocket Power - The First Day Of High School [LIMELIGHT]
Author: Hufflepuff90
Description: It’s the first day of high school and Carlos and Rosita Jiménez are dreading it.
Font: Italic
Picture: Screenshot_2019-05-25_Rocket_Power_-The_First_Day_Of_High_School%5BLIMELIGHT%5D_Edit_Characters



If you’re able to do three characters, that’d be great. But if you’re able to do Twister and Rosita, then that’s fine. Since they’re the main couple in my story.

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Cool! If you want an art scene and a cover too, for a start up for an art scene (romantic) what will your character do, what’s your plotting scene

For example, they are sitting in cafe and boy
character drinking his coffee from the girl character’s hand (i know it’s silly example but :joy:) I hope you’re understanding I can’t draw without imaging the entire plot :sweat_smile:

Actually, I would like the plot to be where Twister and Rosita are sitting in a romantic cafe and are eating breakfast and drinking caramel lattes, enjoying each others’ company. Until Leilani interrupts their date and starts flirting in front of Twister. But Rosita wouldn’t have none of her crap and then they start fighting in the high school’s parking lot.

But if you can’t do the fighting part, then that’s fine. :slight_smile:

I can see you have the story in both ink and LL. do you want a cover for both?. also I will pm about some qustions

Sure. If you’re able to do that. That would be great. :slight_smile:

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sure. I am not busy.

I can try making your both character drinking latte in the cafe

Or your female mc getting mad while you’re male character talking with the girl (or flirting)

What you want me to draw

My female MC getting mad at her boyfriend for flirting with Leilani and she runs off crying.
If you’re able to do that. :slight_smile:

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I’ll try