Anyone doing reviews?

Is there anyone who is willing to do a review of my story or knows someone who can??? Multiple persons are welcomed to do so!!! I would love to hear your opinions and suggestions about my first story :sparkling_heart: Here are the details below:

Title: The Precarious Betrayal
Genre: Romance/Drama
Author: Queen Jay
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 8 (on going)
Description: Queen Robinson thought that her life was falling apart. Trust was broken and it may be hard to build back. Will she love another? Or fix her marriage? A love story turned bitter.

Link to The Precarious Betrayal

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iโ€™m sure someone here could do it for you! :pleading_face:


I will do it, if you promise to also preview my first story

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Hey sure thing!!! What is the name of your story???

Thanks so much I will check them out!!!

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Youโ€™re always welcome to leave your story in my thread, click my profile and there should be a link.


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Oh wow thank you so much I definitely will :heart:

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Hi there,
If youโ€™re still looking for a reviewer, Iโ€™d love to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi thanks for responding!!! Ofc yes thank you!!!

:blush:Iโ€™ll send you my feedback by direct message as soon as I can.
I should warn you though, I donโ€™t sugarcoat and my reviews can end up being pages long. But donโ€™t worry, I definitely wonโ€™t insult you either. Constructive criticism only.

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Thank you so much and ofc I will appreciate it :blue_heart: :pleading_face:

Back To You
Author: Niel Su
Genre: Mystery

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Iโ€™ll do a review for you!! :heart:
How much episodes do you want me to read?

Ok thank you!!!

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Omg thanks I appreciate as much feedback as I can get!!! Well Iโ€™m not sure how it works but u can decide! Maybe 5 chapters?

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