Anyone down to create an overlay?

Hi! So I’ve tried to make overlays for my story, but im having some trouble editing as I’m not the best with that kind of editing. If theres anybody down to create overlays (and maybe backgrounds?) for me ill be sure to mention your social media/episode name in my story haha

I can try, what overlay do you need?

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In the story I’m writing, my characters are trapped on a deserted island. I need an overlay of some sort of hut or something similar that they built. Thanks for offering to help haha

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I don’t know if these were what you mean, they’re nothing too flashy since I’m still working on it for a background that I’ll make, but here you go.

Day Overlays

With Arch or Pillar

Without Arch or Pillar

Night Overlays

omg they’re amazing thank you so much :purple_heart: what are your social media and/or episode @s so I can give you credit in my story?


noted :ok_hand:

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(I was just tagging them. But that might be what they want.)

ok cool

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I’d prefer @whqnnabe which is my instagram, but @whannabe, my username here on forums is also okay!

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I’ll be sure to give you proper credit in my story! Thank you so much for your help :smile:

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