Anyone else bored, or is it just me?

Lmao, pretty much in my corner thinking about ice cream…


Same :sob:

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Lmao, do you have ice cream?

Yeah. Are you counting on stealing it from me? :no_mouth:

maybe :smirk:
It depends what kind of ice cream do you have.

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Chocolate :chocolate_bar:

Gimme some…:sob:

@Mary-P is that you? :joy:

Pff u wish

It’s ALWAYS me :relieved:

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Lol are u stalker? :upside_down_face:

You changed your pfp :eyes:

Well when you see cat cute like this, you got to do something…:cat:

The cat can’t give you ice cream so what’s the point

No one can give me ice cream right now…:sob:

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Fine :unamused: take it :ice_cream:

Awww thanks, takes ice cream and smiles

Sooo, hows life going?

@discobot fortune did @Whoacoco get some sleep?

:crystal_ball: My reply is no

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