Anyone else code like this? 😂

Anyone else do this while writing their script? :joy:

It’s so much easier to locate things and condensing the script so you don’t have to scroll for weeeks.


I kinda of do that lol

I do it especially for CC/outfits/long choices - it really bugs me having to scroll so far lmao

I like having mine all disorganized and chaotic — I try to write things out in docs beforehand and have grown to dislike blank pages so seeing any code is better than not :joy:


Ahaha fair!

If I don’t feel like coding in the portal I just write out the dialogue of scenes on paper🫣

I really want to code like that and I have done it a few times but then I forget that I can do that it starts to look messy again.

Like everything in my life. :sweat_smile:

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That’s definitely going to happen to me​:sob::sob:

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I do it for like the first few episodes and am so proud of myself and then it’s MADNESS from then on.

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YES OMG I’m so glad someone else does this :rofl: :rofl:
I get so irritated when it’s messy or i feel like it’s unorganized this is the only way to keep myself from getting overwhelmed


That’s brilliant.

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Whoaa, pretty cool and organized! Love to see it.

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I’ve only done it for the last couple of chapters but I am definitely going back to do it like this it’s so much easier.

Yep! I do that, makes it so much easier.

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That’s so smart, I haven’t considered that! I only use those brackets for long scenes (like flashbacks), CC templates, or recaps. Or if a large amount of characters are changing their hairstyles/outfits, like for an event or after a time-skip.

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Actually no, but that seems like a good idea since I’m writing a third story with a female/male love interest (as in pick the gender of the love internet) and my first episode is a bit over 10k lines without including full CC for LI and limited for Mc :face_holding_back_tears:.

How would I do that? As in have my script appear like that in the screenshot if anyone knows how to explain it :point_right:t3::point_left:t3:

Before every section, add #{ and after the section you want to close add #} then write what the section is for


Thank you so much :relaxed:

Your welcome❤️

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Yes! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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