Anyone else feel like this?

Okay so why do I feel like forums should be an app and not a website (I probably click baited you, if I did sorry)

I think it should be an app because sometimes I want a notification if someone messages me or replies to my post yk? Because me being a student, I can’t constantly come back to the website every hour or so just to check if I got any notifications just to come back to nothing, yk?
Plus it would just make my life way more easier if it was an app.



If you use discourse it is an app, that’s how I usually access the forums.


Download the “Discourse” app and follow these instructions. :smiley:


I have like an option on my web browser to use frequently opened websites as apps, I don’t remember how I did it though… :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

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this was how I did it! :blob_hearts: :blob_sun:


You use the Samsung Internet too?


yeah, I just got fed up of having to search it in google all the time, so I just used Samsung internet and kept it open in a separate tab. I use google for everything else though. :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:


Yeah I do that to except I don’t use Google for everything else, I use the Samsung Internet.


On my laptop, I use OPERA specifically the new GX version and I can get a notification rather when I used Chrome (which can still be accessed in opera) I didn’t get notified and had to check in to see if I had the in-app notification.
Edit: I also get notification of comments sent to my email if I’m not in the app.

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Hi this is what the opera looks like when I get a notification if you wanted to see:

I’ve just had another thought! you can link your email to your forum account and then you get an email when you get a notification! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts: