Anyone else find the "Episode created" stories sucky?

Don’t get me wrong. Earlier stories written by the creators of episode (or those they hired) were pretty good. But I feel like as time went on, the stories became less and less deep.

They ask for diamonds on the most asinine of things and the stories themselves feel rushed, have unnatural story progression, one dimensional characterization & bland plots.

To be honest, I rarely if ever read them at this point. I tried, but I really feel like the Episode community of writers do a far better job of creating impactful and entertaining stories for readers. They’re well written, unique and don’t require a bunch of diamonds either.

A win-win.

What do you guys think?


All the features stories on episode are all the same, all about a bad boy that changes for the good one. Man I hate all of then:)


These types of stories get old really fast, especially if it’s your main plot point. I think it’s a bit sad really, you’d think the featured stories would be top notch, especially if they’re asking for diamonds so much. But they really aren’t.


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There are a small selection that I found really interesting, but gem choices in general annoy me if they are about things that are too big or too little. Like if they are a whole separate story line then it makes me just think its a money grab because people miss out if they don’t have it, but then tiny things like a single hairstyle that will do nothing but look cool feels like a waste of gems that could be otherwise used well, so I try and look for stories without any gem choices whatsoever, basically anything by mette M. Peleikis or there’s one I’m reading now that I love, Drive Me Wild by LadyDianna, I can’t say about her other stories since I haven’t read them but this one doesn’t seem to have any


I not into Episode created stories either, that’s why it’s been 4 years since I last read one. I only read community stories too.

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I only read episode featured stories for the rewards. I dont spend diamonds on them.

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I agree. That’s pretty much what I rant about all day every day. First of all because the LIs are always abusive as hell and Episode is teaching their young audience that abusing people or being abused is okay. Some featured stories also glorify robbery cough stealing bras cough and encourage dating someone who treats you badly. And don’t even get me started on the gem choices. It’s either Spend gems and be a badass confident woman! or Don’t spend gems and look weak. Basically they’re all bad. Except for The Infected.


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No, you’re not the only one, Episode-created stories suck.

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it’s so annoying bc if you want to have enough diamonds to use a diamond choice (without paying anything), you have to read like 3 of their stories


I don’t read the Episode featured stories. I’ll go to the authors profile and read the original version because cramming an entire story into 8 episodes won’t give you the full experience…

Occasionally I’ll read an Episode Original depending on what it’s actually about and to earn some gems. But they give me headaches sometimes with the incredibly fast pace and constant quick zooming (as seen in Love on Fire).

Constant gem choices are very annoying, especially when they’re seriously over priced and try to make me feel guilty for clicking no :roll_eyes: but i don’t think they ever actually affect the ending of the story so I save the gems I earn from reading those stories and instead put it towards authors who have a “support me” gem option.


the only good thing in episode created stories are the unreleased hairstyles, outfits etc


No disrespect to the authors who wrote the episode created stories, but the gem choices annoy me soooo much. I can’t even read the story for three minutes before I get another gem choice and I think it’s unfair how we HAVE to pay gems in order to get the longer version. Without the gem choice, we never get any other type of excitement (like a fight happen) and that’s why I stopped after reading one of them.