Anyone else get annoyed(melenated writers/readers)

Any other melenated writers/readers highly annoyed by this BS.
(Unrelated:admiring how cute my MC looks ha)

I click a story tht says “FULL CC” make my character havin a good time

My MC looks like above(hairstyles vary haha) and then BAM im hit with the classic

“Dont change the skintone cuz the overlays wont match.”

“The art scenes will depict the characters how I imagine them so dont change the character too much.”

“If you change said character be aware the art scenes wont match.”

Or worse

You enter a “FULL CC” story and then are hit with every dam. option under the sun(afros too) but skin tone is non-exsistant to change


You get a skintone tab and you can only go to gold 4 at most

Seriously dont add/or advirtise FULL CC if youre gonna exclude skintones or lock certain ones or ADD ART SCENES showing how the orginal character looks(even further you say dont change them much)

So many stories I drop cuz of the false ads of FULL CC(and no mention tht theyll have art scenes or that I cant go past a certain skintone or they dont care to match overlays for me)

And adding on when the author says “oh the skins important to the plot”(again locking anything thats past a gold 4/5) but it NEVER is important at all only serves as a “omg her skin was so beautiful” like…it never serves any other real plot other than exclusion


SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE AT THE BACK :raising_hand_woman:t4: :pray:t4:


Exactly, because, it doesn’t make any sense.


Hahaa n.n

Its been in my head for a LOOOONG time
Pffft u can only look and try to play CC stories for so long before it gets annoying haha…


I mean - technically (if they actually add all skin tones ect…) then it is full CC, it’s just they recommend not changing it but you’re still given the option :joy:

I get what you mean though, it can be a bit frustrating

I agree with the “Skin colour is important” when it’s not really - thing 100%!!


Literally. Full CC means full CC. Not “you only have three skin tone options”, only for you to give me either:
Neutral 01
Neutral 02
Or Neutral 03.
Like how is an Afro gonna compliment such choices ffs. :woman_facepalming:t5:


They dont add all tho they only add the fairer shades was my point


Oh yeah that I understand getting annoyed with - that’s why i said “if they do it properly” - it’s not fair for them to just give light / dark skin colours if it has no relevance to the plot :))


Yeah, I don’t mind if they restrict skin tone and don’t allow it to change. I get really POed if they don’t advertise that in their story, though. Disclose that information, authors. :joy: It’s really annoying finding out that my character can’t look a certain way when the story description said “Full CC”.

It’s the author’s preference and I know authors get tired of being told to allow full CC and whatnot.

In terms of afros and such, editing those out of CC is really time-consuming and it also allows people to make their characters as they wish. But it is pretty stupid if the author’s trying to preserve their character but is like “here’s some hairstyles completely irrelevant to the plot”.

In conclusion, if you have limited CC friggin’ put that in your story description. It’s pissing people off. :joy:


I made a huge effort to create extra skin tone overlays exactly for this reason. I’m a new author and didn’t advertise full cc, even though it is full cc - I may or may not add an art scene later. Saying skin is important to plot doesn’t make any sense to me- art scenes I understand and it’s good to give the reader a heads up. Otherwise, I think it comes down to the author making the effort of creating more skin overlays, it took me days to do it but the extra hours are worth it for all readers to feel included.


Say it louder for the people in the back!!!

Especially this one. I swear if the author has to say this, it probably doesn’t play an important role in the story :upside_down_face: Usually, if it actually plays an important role in the story- CC is just locked and you can see it’s importance as the story progresses. If you have to say “it’s important” chances are it’s not…


I know for a fact that is from my story which, dosent have art scenes, nor body-overlays for MC. haven’t used any yet, but I plan to on the love interest which is why they arelimited. and it have full CC for MC

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I had a story where it was important, but I never got that part, it was my first story, back when CC was pretty new, and everyone wanted it in the story, so I legit got so rude fan mail about that I gave up on the story.

Yea that’s something that really frustrates me as a reader. I like seeing people of my complexion and darker playing lead roles in stories, which is why I love CC so much. It wouldn’t be a problem if having diversity wasn’t such a struggle in everyday media.

Especially dark skin characters. It’s hard to find them playing the MC unless the story was written by a dark skin writer themself


Im NOT attacking u and actually like ur story soooo chill

Its only screenshot of character I had =_= and I looked cute


All this^

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Yess! I get so annoyed, because first of all, this is a story not an ad for art, and now your telling me some rando is going to be on the scene, interrupting the story I’m playing, and worst of all it looks nothing like me! Like WTH? Then they act super disappointed and all. Honestly when I see art scenes in the description, I just don’t even bother entering the story.


Or when the love interest looks like shrek-:no_good_woman:t5::door:


This! Like it breaks a “choose your own” story game. And breaks immersion espically as a reader of color. I dont even bother with art scene stories I exit…but again ppl get sneaky and dont put it in the description >_<
It seems authors care way more art scenes and deem them as necessary v.v

It just seems exclusion based

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LOL yes!

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