Anyone else get this button?


I got this button circled in yellow last night, it skips an hour of passes time I had 3 hours and 15 minutes last night and clicked it 3 times which watched 3 ads and took off 3 hours and I just had to wait 15 minutes :exploding_head:


:smirk: and that how I read 2 stories in one day :upside_down_face: without waiting for passes


Nope :pensive:


Whoa :hushed: that’s cool!

Nope, I didn’t get it :frowning:


It is awesome. When you click on your daily rewards, but don’t collect it, then you click off of it, it shows up. I used is so many times and read a while story in a day. :joy:




No… but I wish :sob:




I have it.
I was surprised that you can basically keep watching ads until the time remaining is 0 :rofl:. I thought you’d only get to watch it once.


Yes, I got it last week. I was kinda shook that you could do it 4 times so your wait time would reduce to 0. Idk if this is a good or bad thing because now I’m spending more time reading episode and less time doing other stuff lol.


Lol I am going to have to find out then!