Anyone else hates when when bilingual characters speak two languages simultaneously?

It’s a headache trying to read both the readermessage’s translation and the dialogue, and sometimes the readermessage goes away before I’m done leaving me completely clueless.

It’s becoming pretty overused and unnecessary. Anyone else agrees?


Lol, it only bothers me when they have lines on lines of a different language, but I’m usually a fast enough reader.

In my case, if it’s a WHOLE conversation I understand. Sometimes I wonder why they don’t leave us clueless to begin with. If the MC can’t speak the language, there’s no need for translation (the easy way out) I’m use to it switching to the conversation between other characters who speak the language.

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And also that’s not how bilingual people speak :sweat_smile:

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I speak a few languages so I don’t mind if a character speaks two languages but only if there is a good reason - like if they are breaking into the non-English language so someone else around won’t understand, or if it’s a smaller character and it’s their first language (parent to child, for example). But not if they throw in a token word here and there. Also, if it’s happens to be a language I understand, I can spot a mistake immediately and this has happened really often, lol.

it doesn’t really bother me, regularly I have to switch the language I’m speaking. Multiple times I end up having a conversation in italien, spanish and english at the same time because the group of people I’m talking to speak different languages. So to me it happens that I put random words in another language, like I’m speaking english and than i’m like “no mames”, “alvrg”, “ma vattene a fanculo va”, etc…