Anyone else having issues uploading overlays?

It’s saying there’s a server error, does anyone know what the problem is?

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have u tried refreshing your page then upload the overlay again?

I did that and it didn’t work

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what browser are u using?

I tried Chrome and it didn’t work there either

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Chrome always works. Hm exit out of tht art catalog then go on a new tab n open the art catalog back up n try uploading the overlay again if it doest work submit a ticket to team.

Did that also, no luck

send a ticket to the team.

That’s the one

Moved to Report a Bug Writer’s Portal. Please submit a help ticket to our support team, they’d be happy to help. :smiley:

Hi I had that problem too and even sending ticket didnt helped. But I have found solution. I do create overlays in GIMP and when exporting it there are variations of settings and as it seems some of them vere causing it… When I exported withozt change overlay was not accepted even it was png… But I just always reset to default settings and with this my overlays are accepted… I do not understand in detail what causes the problem but if the reason is the same as by me try to change the setings.

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I got the same problem and also used GIMP. Your method works! Thank you so much :revolving_hearts:

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